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Lights of Kings Lynn

The Lights Of Kings Lynn

All our lives weve both been mesmerised by space, the supernatural, the paranormal and the unexplained. We`ve spent lots of time reading, listening and watching about some of the many unexplained mysteries going on around us.

One person we got to know from afar was John from Kings Lynn in Norfolk UK, as we followed his YouTube channel (TheJSB007). For a few years now, on a near nightly basis he is filming low flying strange flashing lights in the sky near where he lives. Not just one or two, but some nights there are dozens of them in the same small area, all flashing away, coming and going throughout the night. Some dive bomb down below the trees and then shoot up again, as people driving along nearby roads go by seemingly unaware. John put up images of the area where they fly over, and where they dive bomb down, and it is in the middle of a wooded area where there are only disused quarries and lakes. They also fly over towards him and right over him very low and then turn right around and go back, as if they know he`s filming them. He`s got film of military jets coming screaming overhead and the lights all disappear, only to return later when the jets have gone. All very strange.

We used to say in Brisbane, that if we were in the UK, we`d jump in the car and drive over there and see for ourselves. So when we finally did get here, we made arrangements and booked to stay in the area for a few nights. On a freezing cold winters night we met up with John in a dark car park (I don`t blame him considering) and he took us off to one of his favourite viewing spots. It wasn`t long before the first flashing lights started appearing, flying up and down along the same path. At one point, one broke away and flew straight towards us, passed directly overhead very low, and then turned and headed back to where the rest were. There they were, just as we had been watching over the internet, totally for real.

The next night we went out driving, trying to get underneath where they were flying and backtrack to see where they were coming from. Driving up and down unfamiliar dark countries lanes in zero temperatures wasn`t easy. We ended up by Sandringham Estate, where the Queen lives during the winter. Amazingly, these flashing lights were low flying right over the estate while the royal family were in residence. Surely the airspace would be a no-fly zone?

The third night we met up with John again, and went out to Bawsey Ruins. A long drive down a dark muddy lane, parked at a farmers barn, and then hiked up tracks to some old ruins on a hilltop. It was so cold the muddy puddles were frozen. We stood there thinking, well, there`s nothing happening tonight, as John set up his night vision camera. "Ooohh look at em all", he shouted. We thought, where? as we scanned the horizon? When we looked through his night vision camera, there were loads of them milling around flashing away not far from us. When we looked normally you couldn`t see any of them. We got out our night vision binoculars and we could see them too, without them, nothing. Wow.

John invited us back to his home and gave us cups of tea and we chatted about what we had been watching. He told us about being woken at 3am one morning with a black helicopter, stationary, hovering directly just above his roof, and he showed us the bedroom window he films a lot of the lights from. He doesn`t even have to go outside to film them a lot of the time!

We had an amazing time there, and will have to go again. Whatever they are, where else is there you can go knowing in advance you are just about guaranteed there will be unidentified flying objects in the sky.

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