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Wolves at Wembley - FA Cup Semi-Final 2019

Wembley Wolves

We never thought we would see the day Wolves would play at the new Wembley Stadium. I was there the last time we were at Wembley, but at the old Wembley Stadium when we won the League Cup back in 1980, as we headed out into nearly 40 years in the footballing wilderness.

On top of Wolves making it to Wembley, we also managed to get tickets, so we could be there in person. We drove up to Wolverhampton for the weekend, so we could travel down on the nearly 200 coaches with the other Wolves fans. Awesome seeing so many passionate Wolves fans, pity about the result.

Hills Coaches

Claire on Wembley Way

Wembley Wolves 2 Manchester United 1

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