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Corridors of Doors

I have come up with my own model of how one aspect of cosmology works. cosmology is like walking down a corridor. Along both sides of the corridor, stretching out to infinity are doors, an endless number of doors.

The floor is like a conveyor belt, constantly moving you forward along the corridor. We call it Time.

As we move along many doors are locked and we have no choice, we can't open them. No matter how hard we try they will not let us in and we have to accept it and move on.

Some doors are ajar, and some wide open. They present us with a cosmology choice, do we want to take a chance and step through and change the direction of our cosmology? Or carry on as we are? Each is an opportunity and it is totally our choice.

Once a door has passed, you can't go back to it. We made our choice and it's gone.

If we step through a door it soon closes behind us and most can't be opened from the other side. We have made a choice and often we can't undo it, so we need to choose carefully.

As each door closes behind us, we soon realise we are now in another corridor, lined with more endless doors stretching out along either side. Behind every door are other corridors of doors, they go on forever and never end. Every time we make a choice in cosmology, we are stepping through another door and changing the options we will be presented with next.

Everyone else is travelling along corridors as well, and we meet other people who have chosen doors leading to the same corridor we are in right now. Sometime it feels like Synchronicity.

Some doors lead to wonderful choices we will never forget, while others can lead to disasterous mistakes we could regret forever. And then we could choose fear, to play it safe and never go through any doors at all, just timidly carrying on along the same boring corridor and never take a chance. It's our choice and only we can make it.

The question is, do you notice when an open door is passing you by?

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